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Electric Vehicle Charging Points

With a constantly growing number of different electric cars and vans coming to the car market, and with these cars being produced in greater numbers, thus bringing the prices down, albeit slowly still, there is becoming a greater requirement to have the ability to charge up your new electric vehicle from home.
Every property is different, so the requirements to have the ability to charge electric vehicles changes from property to property. We would start the process by making a visit to the site where you require a charge point. We can then conduct a full investigation and make recommendations as to the best approach for a charge point. We can then give you a cost of the equipment and the installation process. We have team members that have been on specific courses to learn all about the regulations pertaining to Electric Vehicle Charge Points, and have learned how to conduct site visits. The specific equipment also requires us to take additional training on that product, thus ensuring you as our customer get the best service and equipment for the task.
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